Truffle Infused...Winter

Truffle Infused...

From December to February the precious truffles are at their best. During good years they are plentiful, large, and fragrant. To leverage your truffle investment you should secure it in a large glass jar with eggs, rice, polenta, semolina and/or butter. And you only need one small fragrant truffle for the infusion.
If you aren’t able to hunt for one yourself or know a hunter buy the freshest you can; as the fragrance dissipates with time. When you get your truffle home if it is dirty gently scrub away the dirt and then make sure it is dried well then place in an airtight glass container. (I like to repurpose a large pickle jar.) You can keep a fresh truffle for about a week.

Place the rice at the bottom of the jar, top with a dozen eggs, and then a half a pound of butter in waxed paper. I place the truffle in a small glass container or on waxed paper. In either case, place it on a little bit of cheesecloth or paper towel to prevent moisture from developing. The truffle shouldn’t come in contact with the rice as the rice will take the moisture from the truffle. Keep the truffle and your collection of goodies to be infused in the refrigerator for 3 days for the best flavor. You can keep them for more or less time just remember you will want to use your truffle within a week.

Cook or use your truffle infused ingredients alone or together. Make a truffle risotto finish it with your truffle infused butter and top with a truffle infused poached egg and shaved truffle.

For the black truffle, I peel or shave the tough outer part. Place the peel in a small food processor with sea salt and pulse a few time and you now have fresh truffle salt. It will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.

Black truffle has the best taste when cooked and white truffles are shaved over your food and never cooked.

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