Happy Valentine's Day! Spring is on its way and I can't wait!

Italian Culinary Tours
We begin our Sicilian adventure in the island's western-most port town of Trapani, bounded by two seas and snuggled at the foot of Mount Erice. You'll enjoy some of the world's most beautiful sunsets with an aperitivo here on the portico. Trapani's unique position on the sea route to the Mediterranean busiest ports makes it the perfect place to taste the soul of Sicily's distinctive cuisine. With our hands-on classes, you'll learn to make traditional Sicilian dishes just like nonna. (more please)

Your sojourn to the stunning Tuscany country side is an opportunity to experience the local culture. Walk among the fields of poppies as Tuscany welcomes Spring. You'll meet small producers of artisan foods and wine of the region. Spark your imagination with the hands-on cooking classes. The cooking classes focus on the local Tuscan cuisine. (more please)

There are many genius recipes and cooks these days on the internet. I believe this creamy asparagus soup should be included in their ranks. (more please)